Vol. 36 (2020)
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Record of an alleged Solitary Eagle in Oaxaca is a Great Black Hawk

William S. Clark
The Peregrine Fund Global Raptor Information P. O. Box 531467 Harlingen, Texas 78550 United States Phone: 956 364-0415 Email: raptours@earthlink.net
Jack Clinton Eitniear
2218 Conway Drive, San Antonio, Texas 78209 USA.
Ryan A. Phillips
Belize Bird Conservancy P.O. Box 110234 Campbell, California 95011 USA.

Publicado 2020-07-07

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Clark, W. S., Clinton Eitniear, J., & Phillips, R. A. (2020). Record of an alleged Solitary Eagle in Oaxaca is a Great Black Hawk. ACTA ZOOLÓGICA MEXICANA (N.S.), 36(1), 1-6. https://doi.org/10.21829/azm.2020.3612275


In a recent article in this journal (García-Grajales et al., 2018), an adult Great Black Hawk (Buteogallus urubitinga) was mistakenly identified as an adult of the Solitary Eagle (Buteogallus solitarius). The Solitary Eagle differs from the Greater Black Eagle in having the longest and widest wings, and the shortest tail. These characteristics give it a more triangular shape in flight. These differences are easy to see in Figures 1–3. The same authors also cite a case of the nesting of the Solitary Eagle in Mexico (Smith, 1982). However, after reviewing photos of the young, we consider that this record is probably the Common Black Hawk (B. anthracinus). The illustrations of the Solitary Eagle in field guides of Mexico and Central America (Howell & Webb, 1995; Van Perlo, 2006) demonstrate greater similarity with the Great Black Hawk, contributing to the frequent confusion of the two species if used without consulting the text. The new features published here and in Clark et al. (2006) and Clark and Schmitt (2017) should help with correct identification of Buteogallus species in the future.


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