Rediscovery of Fimoscolex Sporadochaetus Michaelsen 1918 (clitellata: glossoscolecidae), and considerations on the endemism and diversity of Brazilian earthworms.

Samuel W. James, George G. Brown


Brazil hosts approximately 305 earthworm species, of which 260 (85%) are native and 46 (15%) exotic. Most of the native species (80%) are known from only one or a few sites, and two species were considered as extinct by the Ministry of Environment of Brazil in 2003, due to lack of sightings, habitat destruction and a limited prior known distribution (endemism). One of these, Fimoscolex sporadochaetus Michaelsen, 1918 was recently found in a forest reserve (Parque Estadual do Itacolomi), near the reservoir Bacio do Custódio in Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais. With this finding, and based on earthworm collection data in Brazil up to now, we believe that the endangered and “extinct” species should have their status reviewed, and that further collecting efforts are urgently necessary to adequately determine the extent of earthworm biodiversity in Brazil and the present level of threat to their survival.

Palabras clave

Endangered species; Oligochaeta; biodiversity; native species.

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